Ford Fiesta Automatic undergoing final rounds of testing

Ford always has this habit of unveiling their new models to the media and the public well ahead of their actual launch. And in the interim period between the unveiling and the launch, they go about with their road-test rigors without bothering to camouflage the vehicles, given the comfort factor of already revealing them to the masses. They have done this in the past for the Figo and for the all-new Fiesta and we at Anything On Wheels have been earnest enough to bring you the pictures of both those fleets then and there. Now, the Ford Fiesta Automatic is in that stage, it seems. The Indian media were invited to drive the Fiesta Automatic last November and it was announced that the car would be launched in the first quarter of 2012.

Ford, being Ford, is doing its usual job of testing the car for its road worthiness before launching it in the market and one of our readers spotted this car on the outskirts of Chennai, not far from the Ford factory. Coming with segment's first Dual Clutch Technology wherein two clutches work on the odd and even gears separately to ensure seamless shifts, the media is already impressed by the car and the public surely will be too. Will it be a big success then? It all boils down to how Ford decides to price the automatic variant. If they repeat the mistake they did with the manual variants, the Fiesta may never take off in the Indian market. We hope Ford is listening to this and we wish that they don't let a brilliant driver's car like the new Fiesta become a market dud.

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