MAN FE Bus seen testing in Pune, yet again

Our regular readers would remember the earlier spy shot of the front-engined bus from MAN that we spotted in Pune way back in July last year. Thanks to our regular reader Guru, here is yet another one, which is probably the closest shot yet of the bus that is expected to take on Tata and Ashok Leyland head-on. Let us not forget the fact here that Tata and Ashok Leyland are still the dominant players in the front-engined intercity bus segment while Volvo and Mercedes-Benz are fighting it out in the high-end rear-engine segment. MAN has decided that the only way to gain volumes and market share in India is to take on the local players directly and hit them where it hurts.

MAN's foray into buses therefore would be with a front-engined, air-conditioned bus based on the Explorer coach that will be competing for glory with Tata's LP series and Ashok Leyland's 12M chassis. The advantage that MAN will be having is that its bus will be fully-built while most of the competition has bodies built over bare chassis. MAN is trying to play smart here as it knows that competing with Volvo and Mercedes-Benz in the rear-engine segment would be tough as those brands command a very high image. With the joint-venture between MAN and Force Motors coming to a premature end with the latter selling its stake in the company recently, MAN would be hoping that this bus will help the company gain a strong foothold in India.


  1. Hello Aravind;
    Really Your Blogs are very Interesting to read.
    It took me many minutes to guess the Brand Logo for this Spied Bus on Pune-Lonavala Highway.
    I was still wondering of the Brand until I read your Blog that it’s a MAN make.
    This makes me more amazed to read your blogs.
    Whatever Shots I have taken earlier I never knew which make is this, until I read your blogs.
    Thanks for publishing all these which makes us aware about the future events of Auto Industry.

    I have one Q for you:
    Now that MAN & Force have a split is it that MAN is going to continue in India as a independent entity?
    Even VW is in the process of Acquiring the MAN Brand globally so how do you see MAN doing in India after the Split with Force Motor?

  2. Hi Guru - Thanks for your long & encouraging comment. Do keep sending your spy pictures. Because of you, it seems that Anything On Wheels has a base in Pune as well, apart from Chennai.

    Regarding your query, we understand that MAN and Force has split on mutual terms due to some disagreement. In the process, MAN has now become a 100% independent entity. But this should not stop them from launching their models in India as our market is getting hotter and hotter with each passing day.