2013 Shanghai - Mercedes-Benz shows off Concept GLA

Gone are the days when Mercedes-Benz was just a mute spectator to the strong surge experienced by its fellow German brands Audi and BMW. Of late, the brand with the three pointed star has been issuing blows after blows to the competition, courtesy its new Modular Front Architechture (MFA) platform. After enjoying stupendous success with its B-Class and A-Class hatchbacks and making the world go gaga over its CLA sedan, Mercedes-Benz is doing it all over again. Yes, the Concept GLA, a compact crossover based on the MFA Platform, is wooing onlookers at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show. Looking at the official pictures released by the company, we aren't surprised.

We have been left thoroughly impressed with the design language of recent Mercedes-Benz models and the Concept GLA is no different. Despite looking butch and boxy unlike its other MFA-derived siblings, the Concept GLA can still be immediately identified with them. When viewed head-on, the Concept GLA looks pretty imposing, courtesy the huge radiator grille, the muscular hood with built-in 'powerdomes' and the chrome skidplate. In profile, the massive 20-inch wheels and the tapering character lines continue the muscular theme. At the rear, the sharp, boomerang-shaped taillights and the chrome skidplate with dual tailpipes are the cynosure of all eyes.

Of course, being a concept, there are certain outlandish elements like the laser beam in the headlight clusters that double up as a projector beam that's capable of displaying pictures and videos on a screen or the roof rail-mounted camera that can record your drive. The interior shots released by the company reveals part-concept and part-real stuff, with vast expanses of hand-stitched leather, illuminated air-conditioning vents, a dashboard with an interplay of materials and a tablet-like 'COMMAND' interface screen.

We expect the production version of GLA to share engines and transmissions with other MFA siblings, the B-Class, A-Class and CLA. And that means the delicious GLA 45 AMG should, in all probability, be under development in some corner of Germany. We just can't wait to get our hands on it. Being a crossover, Mercedes-Benz would also fit in the 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system to help the GLA venture off-road.

Knowing Mercedes-Benz and the way it brought out production versions of A-Class and CLA from the respective concepts, we expect the GLA to retain its shape and dimensions, losing just the blitzy concept elements. Whatever it is, when the GLA finally makes its debut, expect Mercedes-Benz to laugh all the way to the bank. The GLA is expected to follow A-Class and CLA into India as soon as it debuts internationally.


  1. Modular Front Architecture is really a good innovative step... keep innovating new cncepts merc...

    1. With the MFA, Merc is actually moving from it's traditional rear-wheel drive layout to front-wheel drive layout. And this is bringing down the costs massively.