Tata continues testing variants of the Nano

Tata Motors is in a free fall right now, both in terms of sales and in terms of brand image. Neither are the company's perceived high volume models like the Nano and Vista selling in consistently high numbers nor is the brand's attempt at improving its brand image by going upscale with the Aria working. With no all-new models in sight atleast for the next few months, the only option left for Tata is to launch new variants and refresh their existing line up to sustain interest amongst customers.

This Tata Nano that was caught testing in Pune should be one of those attempts to improve the dismal sales that the cute little car has been experiencing of late. While the 2013 Nano with subtle but noticeable changes in the front and rear bumpers, dashboard and tailgate was spotted testing by a fellow automotive website earlier, the Nano diesel with partially-camouflaged front and rear ends was also caught testing on a different occasion. This Nano that we spotted yesterday has neither of those changes and looks exactly similar to the 2012 Nano facelift that was launched early last year. All these make us believe that this could be the CNG variant of the Nano being tested by the company before launch.

Whatever it is, there is no doubt that the Nano needs a new lease of life. In the last two months, sales of the Nano was just around 1500 units, an alarmingly-low number for a car that was thought to put the entire nation on wheels. Tata realized the hard way that people don't take easily to the tag of "world's cheapest car" and is working to project the Nano in a different light. The CNG variant, along with the 2013 facelift and the diesel variant that are in the pipeline, is expected to give a much-needed fillip to the falling sales of the Nano. Let's wait and watch the results.