Mahindra's new SUV (U301) seen testing in Chennai

Mahindra is to Utility Vehicles like Maruti-Suzuki is to passenger cars. Despite the advent of stiff competition trying to nibble at its market-share, the Indian manufacturer has impressively held on to its dominance in the Utility Vehicles (UV) sector with successful models like the Thar, XUV 500, Scorpio and Bolero. The latter, especially, deserves special credits for continuing to be India's most popular UV defying its age. Mahindra knows too well that it can't afford to be complacent and the Bolero's position could come under threat any moment. 

Though Mahindra has not confirmed it, this Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) spotted testing earlier today in Chennai is touted to be the next-generation Bolero. Codenamed 'U301', this new model seems to have adopted a butch and boxy stance typical of SUVs. In the process, it has steered clear off the traditional Bolero's proportions that we have grown familiar with. What's also obvious from these shots is the work done by Mahindra's engineers to bring the length of this vehicle to under four meters.

If that's aimed at taking advantage of the tax concessions extended by the Government for vehicles within that length, then its just common sense to assume that this new SUV would be powered by a diesel engine with a 1.5-liter capacity or less. Mahindra is also set to be working on a new petrol engine for this new SUV with capacity less than 1.2-liters. Said to be based on the Scorpio's chassis, this new SUV is expected to come with a plusher ride compared to the existing Bolero. Going by what we saw in the refreshed Scorpio, we expect the interiors to undergo a complete revamp too.

That's not all. If reports from some automotive websites are to be believed, there would be a full-length variant of the U301 too that wouldn't be constrained by prevailing regulations on vehicle length and engine capacity. And, there is another all-new compact SUV codenamed S101 also coming up from the Nashik-based manufacturer. Well, what else do we say except beware of Mahindra?

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