Rolls-Royce announces bespoke Ghost Mysore Collection

When it comes to automobiles, Rolls-Royce is the ultimate symbol of opulence, royalty and exclusivity. When the fabled British luxury marque announces a bespoke special edition of one of its models like it does on an occasional basis, things just don’t get any more exclusive. One such symbol of ultra-exclusivity was unveiled last week in Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ official FaceBook page and guess what it commemorates? Unless you​ ha​ve read about it, we bet you wouldn't guess it right. It is our very own Mysore. Yes, the second-largest city in the southern state of Karnataka in India is what Rolls-Royce has decided to celebrate with this bespoke edition.

Limited to just three numbers, the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Ghost Mysore Collection is based on the extended wheelbase version of Ghost sedan. Externally, these cars wear a two-tone blue and silver livery with pinstripes running the entire length on either sides. The stripes also feature a stylized peacock motif on the fenders. Interiors are made of light-colored wood and matching white and blue leather upholstery to go with the exteriors. As a tribute to Tipu Sultan who ruled Mysore during the 18th century, the rear view mirrors and headrests carry the image of a tiger. Rolls-Royce calls these as symbols of success.

While this might make a lot of Indians proud, Indians in India wouldn’t be able to see or buy this car. Yes, all three Ghost Mysore Collections would be exclusively available, ironically,​​ in Abu Dhabi. It’s rather unfortunate as Rolls-Royce would have easily found buyers for these cars in India, given that the plan is to make a grand total of just three cars.

Adding further details on this limited edition Ghost, ​Rolls-Royce carried the following statements in its FaceBook page. “In this world I would rather live two days like a tiger, than two hundred years like a sheep” - Tipu Sultan, 'The Tiger of Mysore.' "Tipu Sultan was the ruler of 18th century Mysore in India. In Arabic, Mysore also refers to wealth and power. The Bespoke Ghost Mysore Collection takes inspiration from this, and each of these extended wheelbase models are adorned with symbols of success. Ghost Mysore will be available exclusively in Abu Dhabi. Only three have been created."

Let's hope Rolls-Royce takes a cue from Lamborghini and comes out with a 'Made-for-India' bespoke model.

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