Cool Concepts #2 - Lamborghini Estoque

May God bless the folks who created this whole concept of four-door sports sedan. Seriously, it’s a dream combination of the power, performance and handling of an exotic sports car and the space, practicality and features of a luxury sedan. Though Aston-Martin, Lamborghini and Bugatti too have displayed similar concepts, it was Porsche who entered this market segment in serial production with it’s Panamera. And boy, what a success it has been for Porsche, with the company recently producing the 10,000th Panamera within a year of global launch.

Any new model from Lamborghini is sure to grab eyeballs and headlines across the global automotive press. This though, did not happen for a long time as the company was happy continuing with it’s super successful twins, the Gallardo and Murcielago and their numerous power-packed versions. So, when the company finally showcased a four-door sports sedan which was unlike any other previous model it has produced, it literally bowled everybody off their feet.


* Manufacturer: Lamborghini  
* Model Name: Estoque 
* Debut: 2008 Paris Motor Show  
* Competitors: Porsche Panamera, Aston-Martin Rapide

    The Estoque, as it is christened, will go down in history as one of the most aggressive looking sedans ever created. Period. With it’s sporty, muscular lines and stunning proportions, the Estoque stole the show, literally. Just view the profile once and you will accept that it's one of the finest ever crafted. Though the global recession in 2009 almost killed this model, it would be a huge sin if Lamborghini decides to confine this striking design as a show-stopping concept alone. Latest reports suggest that Lamborghini is in fact considering producing this as it’s much-awaited third model range, which is the most sensible thing to do, so that Porsche and Aston-Martin has some serious competition. If the runaway success of the Panamera and the positive initial response to the Rapide is any indication, the Estoque, if ever made, will surely become one of the highly produced Lamborghinis of all time.

    Now that the wish has been made, it's time for prayers to make it happen.

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