An Iconic Indian Entry

Very few things in life, both static and dynamic, can be termed truly iconic and legendary. Michael Schumacher and Sachin Tendulkar, for instance, belong to that category in the sports arena. They are iconic to such an extent that merely referring to them will inspire confidence to hordes of people lucky to be in that particular profession and watching them perform will bring happiness and joy to millions of you and me who are equally lucky enough to watch them in action. In the same context, the automotive equivalents, though far and few, are equally inspiring and drool-inducing to millions across the globe. When the names involved are Rolls-Royce and Harley-Davidson, it ought to be so and very rarely would people disagree. So, if such a religious and one of the most dreamt-about brands had made an entry into India recently, it would obviously be a press-stopper.

After toying around with the idea of entering India for a very long time, Harley-Davidson has finally decided that the time is ripe to treat us Indians in a grand manner. The reason maybe the success of expensive, high-capacity sports bikes from Honda, Suzuki & Yamaha or the saturation of the US market or the stupendously growing Indian economy. Whatever it is, three dealerships, one each in Delhi, Hyderabad and Chandigarh are already up and running and two more are coming up in Mumbai and Bangalore. The message “One Religion, Three Places of Worship, A Million Believers” greets you the moment you enter the company’s Indian website. How true, one couldn’t agree more. The full range of motorcycles starting from XL 883L Sportster at Rs 6,95,000 to the muscular and macho CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide at Rs 34,95,000 is available on order. Personally, I expect the god-awesome, supremely popular and instantly recognizable cult V-Rod series (VRSCDX Night Rod Special), priced at Rs 18,95,000 to be one of the more popular models in India.

I know a girl (yes, a girl !) in her mid-teens who has been saving every penny ever since childhood to own a Harley-Davidson bike when she grows into her late twenties. People like her are not uncommon and I am sure that such dreams are shared by hundreds of youngsters. Now, it’s time for people like them to realize their dream and for the super-rich to spare some cash and get hold of these prized possessions. If the successes of exotic brands like Rolls-Royce, Porsche and Lamborghini are anything to go by, Harley-Davidson is all set for a long success story in India.

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