The go-anywhere Mahindras leave us impressed

We have to confess that in recent times, we are totally taken by surprise by the way in which some automobiles have shown their true potential and are starting to grow on us, which in the past, have not managed to garner a second glance. The case in point are the jeeps manufactured by Mahindra and Mahindra. Except the Scorpio and the Thar (or customized Classic models), we have never been fans of the other Mahindra models, basically because of their plain-jane design and old-school interiors. Sometimes, we have even went as far as thinking about how people are buying these vehicles in the first place.

Proved us wrong and made us a fan straight-away, yes, that's exactly what the Mahindra jeeps did to us in our recent encounters with them at a couple of places, Wayand (Kerala) and Kabini (Karnataka) to be precise. From ferrying people up and down hill in the mountain roads (Munnar and Wayanad) to climbing almost rock-like slabs and stones with ultimate ease (Edakkal Caves in Wayanad) to taking people on a forest safari (Nagarhole National Park) to manouvering through knee-deep slush with the slightest of strain for both itself and the passengers (Kabini), the Mahindra jeeps did it all and more. On the other end, Mahindra Boleros, which were customized enough and would not look out of place in a luxury hotel, whizzed past the highways and plains, proving the versatility that these vehicles provide their customers.

Agreed, the Land Rovers, Land Cruisers, Jeeps and Hummers of this world can do all this and much more in total lap of luxury, but when you bring the price into consideration, the Mahindras leave them in the dust. The most astonishing fact is that these Mahindras manage to do those jobs at a fration of the price of the formers. Thanks to Mahindra, we now regret fot not giving the respect that these vehicles deserved. Remember folks, where your car will not dare take you, these Mahindra jeeps will do it for you!

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