BMW 3 Series without badges spotted in Chennai

The onslaught from Bavaria is showing no signs of slowing down. Seemingly not content with taking over the leadership of the Indian luxury segment, BMW is wasting no time in getting it's latest models and versions to India.

I happened to see this 3 Series sedan in Chennai last week, where I guess it was being tested by BMW. Though the car looks perfectly stock and like any other 3 Series out on the road, the absence of badges anywhere in the car coupled with the test number plates make it look a little suspicious.

It could be an already existing variant in India in which case this post goes totally invalid. But, it could also very well be a new variant being tested with badges removed to avoid early flutters. If so, what could it be? In India, the 3 Series sedan is currently being offered with 3 engine options - 2 petrols (320i, 330i) and 1 diesel (320d).

Scanning through BMW's international lineup which includes many engine variants with different power outputs, I would place my bet on the 330d. India being a predominantly diesel market, launching a more powerful diesel variant would be the most logical thing for BMW, if it decides to launch a new variant of the 3 Series.

Let's keep our fingers crossed. By the way, don't miss out the all-new BMW 6 Series, which is scheduled for launch in India later this month.

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