2011 Geneva - Italia stordisce pubblico

There are some things in life which are beyond superlatives. For instance, Ferrari and Lamborghini are such things when it comes to cars. When you set out to describe them, you tend to run out of words very soon. Only in this case, I have run out of words even before I have started. Be it in a rough open road or a polished showroom floor, these brands have traditionally left onlookers spellbound. So, when both Ferrari and Lamborghini stunned the audience at the recent 2011 Geneva Motor Show, it was just a case of history repeating itself.
The countdown for the global premiere of Lamborghini’s latest V12 supercar – the Aventador, started way back. Slated to replace the super-successful Murcielago and follow in the footsteps of iconic models like Miura, Countach and Diablo, the Aventador soon became the car to watch out for, both for the critics and the super-rich enthusiasts. While the pre-launch spy shots gave some hints about the aggressive design of the car, no one would have expected it to be this aggressive. At least, I didn’t. The Aventador seems to have been inspired by the stunning looking Reventon. The classic wedge shaped profile, the sharp muscular cuts and the stunningly beautiful taillight clusters make the Aventador look jaw-droppingly gorgeous. To say that it is one of the best looking cars in the world right now would not be an exaggeration at all. With 700 horsepower driving its 4 wheels, the Aventador also has the go to match its freaking awesome show.

With the Raging Bull doing what it did, can the Prancing Horse, it’s neighbor and nemesis be far behind? Like Lamborghini, Ferrari too shocked the audience, but unlike Lamborghini, it was not all too rosy at the Ferrari stand. While the two most recent Ferraris - the California and 458 Italia were pleasing to most eyes, the FF, which was unveiled in the show, would surely go down as the only Ferrari in recent history to have split opinions to such an extent. While some loved the FF, there surely were some who hated to call it a Ferrari. The front end of the FF is typical Ferrari with cues from both its previous models lending it a menacing look. It’s the rear end where the designers have lost the plot. Come on, who on earth can digest a shooting brake style rear end on a Ferrari? Having said that, the design starts growing on you after some time. Being a Ferrari, the 4 wheel drive FF grand tourer is sure to sell extremely well in the market with the added practicality of a 4 seater.

Check out the pictures of both the latest supercars and feast your eyes for all its worth. There are fewer things in life which are more pleasing to do than sitting and staring at brand-new Italian supercars, even if they are in a small LCD screen on your desk.


  1. Great news, this car looks amazing, recently many super cars are being launched in India, this Lamborghini is going to rank high among them.

  2. Dipanjan, You are right. India is seeing a flurry of super-car launches and the target customers are spoilt for choice, literally.