Maruti-Suzuki rolls out 10 Millionth Car

Dominating a market when there are no real competitors to boast of is one thing. But to do that amidst mounting pressure and challenges from competitors breathing down the neck is a completely different thing altogether. Yes, come what may, Maruti-Suzuki has proved wrong all the naysayers, who predicted the decline of the company when all the global majors started setting up their shops in India.

Armed with a lineup of 15 models, Maruti-Suzuki still holds a market share of more than 50% in the burgeoning Indian car market. To put things in perspective, the Alto alone sells more every month than all the models of Hyundai, Maruti’s closest competitor in India, combined together. Now, that is dominance at its absolute best. Maruti’s dominance is not restricted to volumes alone, as the company has been voted No.1 in Customer Satisfaction for years and years together.

In its journey riddled with milestones all the way, Maruti-Suzuki has crossed yet another landmark. The company, on 15-March-2011, rolled out its 10 Millionth Car, becoming the first ever Indian company, if you can call it so, to achieve this feat. A blue colored Wagon-R did the honors for the company. With this, Maruti-Suzuki joins an elite few globally who have achieved this feat earlier including Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen and General Motors.

With Japan reeling in the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami, Maruti-Suzuki has rightly chosen not to celebrate this event. Any which way it is, hats off to Maruti-Suzuki! They have really come a long, long way from launching the diminutive 800 in India more than 25 years back. There is a saying “As the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. Going ahead is definitely getting tougher for Maruti. Let’s see how tough Maruti gets to get going.

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