Always wear Helmets and Seat-Belts

How many more injuries and casualties do we need to make people realize the importance of wearing seat-belts and helmets appropriately? Seriously, what does it cost to wear these life saving devices that make the difference between life and death in case of an unfortunate incident on the road? Now, stop fooling yourselves around and start acting responsible. There are friends and family waiting for you and nothing is more important for them than your well-being. And wearing your helmets and seat-belts would ensure just that and much more.

Before you start thinking that I have gone mad and am rambling around, a couple of folks I know are in coma state now due to two separate road accidents in Chennai yesterday. One was a simple case of losing balance and falling down from a TVS Scooty in the Kathipara grade separator. And the other was a slightly bigger accident involving a Honda City which smashed into the rear of a truck. While the former hit the ground in the aftermath, the latter banged his head in the steering wheel resulting in serious head injuries for both.

Unfortunately neither of them were wearing the devices that would have made the accident just another incident. If only we can go back in time and change things, we would gladly do that but life doesn’t give us a second chance. We all have been fortunate enough for getting one and we need to ensure that it doesn’t come to an abrupt end. Whether you are driving in start-stop city traffic or cruising on a highway, be it in a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, make sure that HELMETS AND SEAT-BELTS ARE WORN ALWAYS.

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