Team India to get new Hyundai Verna each, Yuvi to get an Audi, Will Dhoni get a Ferrari too?

There are a few things in life for which we would have waited endlessly and finally when it does happen, it takes a whole lot of time to sink in and make us believe that it has actually happened. As an Indian, you would have probably understood what I am rambling about by now. Yes, we are the World Champions in Cricket and almost a week after winning the World Cup, I am yet to come out of that ecstasy.

M.S.Dhoni and his men have won the cup that matters after a gap of 28 years, sending millions of Indians into instant celebrations and joy. From the Railway Ministry to the Corporates, nobody wants to miss out on this popularity and achievement of Team India. And they are doing so by ushering in freebies and benefits to the players.

Oh yes, there are stuff related to automobiles too. Hyundai, one of the title sponsors of the ICC World Cup has announced that each member of the Indian squad would be getting an all-new Verna, which is yet-to-be-launched to the general public. That’s cool but there is something even more interesting. Audi has announced that it would be giving a luxury car (A8?) to Yuvraj Singh, the Player of the Tournament. Now, what a turnaround for Yuvi this is?

To top it all, there are rumors doing rounds that M.S.Dhoni, the ‘Captain Cool’ as he is referred to by his fans, would be getting an exclusive, custom-built Ferrari 599 GTO India. And there are a couple of pictures posted too to prove the claim and undoubtedly, the car looks super cool with the Indian Tricolor painted in the hood. If the news is indeed true, for which there are very less chances, then 'Happy Driving' M.S!

Pic Source: Team-BHP (www.team-bhp.com)

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