Ashok Leyland rear-engined bus spotted testing in Chennai

Not a week passes by without spotting something interesting in Chennai roads to ramble about. Just a fortnight ago, I had posted some snaps of an old Ashok Leyland bus being tested and speculated that the company may be testing the Neptune engine in that body. A couple of days back, I saw the iBus on test but could not manage to take snaps.

Not surprisingly, here is something interesting yet again. But surprisingly, it comes from the same company. Late yesterday night, I saw yet another Ashok Leyland bus with 'On Test' stickers and 'Test' registration plates on it. It was rear-engined this time and just like the previous ones, the body was far from perfect and showed signs of having taken quite a beating.

Spotting three models being tested in public roads by the same company in three weeks has left me completely baffled and clueless except for the fact that the Indian Commercial Vehicle segment should get ready for an extensive onslaught from the Chennai-based company once it completes its testing and launches these models for sale.

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  1. Hi Srisang. Do you mean to say that you are already liking the design of the bus?