Force Motors SUV spotted testing in Pune

What you see in these spy shots would probably carry the entire hopes and future of  Force Motors in the passenger car segment. Though the company is doing moderately well in the commercial vehicle space, their passenger car lineup is in total shambles. But, this vehicle may change the scenario completely.

This all-important model is believed to be closely based on the Chinese Guangdong Foday Explorer III. But if you are already writing it off, better don’t. The powertrain and drivetrain of the vehicle is touted to be from Daimler and the world-renowned Lotus has worked in getting the handling of the vehicle right. Will Force Motors get the act of mix and match right this time?

At first glance, the vehicle looks like it could indeed carry the burden of the entire company on it's shoulders. It’s so big and massive that it commands an imposing road presence. But if it ends up looking similar to the Chinese SUV that it is based on, the inoffensive but dated design would ensure that it isn't a head-turner on road. Compared to modern rivals, the design sure lacks flair and some curves.

The interiors are sure to be extremely spacious with enough room to accommodate three rows of passengers and their luggage as well. Quality and durability of the interiors would be a big question though. Hopefully, the mechanicals with inputs from stalwarts like Daimler and Lotus should be one positive aspect of this vehicle. But, if Force Motors wants to project this as a luxury SUV as they claim it to be, they really need to spruce up the interiors and the exteriors.

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