Toyota Etios Liva seen testing in Chennai

Of the many things that makes Toyota special, the most important is their policy of committing less and delivering more. Time and again, they have thrived by following this policy and this recent episode in India is a classic example of that. When the Etios sedan made its debut, there were a flurry of bookings which Toyota was obviously not able to meet. Immediately, the company announced that the scheduled launch of the Etios Liva hatchback would be postponed until the pending orders for the sedan are fulfilled.

Now, that is not something which every company would do. Most of them would just be willing to increase the sales and hence their profits irrespective of the plight of the waiting customers. But that is Toyota for you. Now that the flutter created by the Etios sedan has settled down, it is expected that the Liva would finally be launched by June 2011. As we are nearing the launch dates, it seems that the car is undergoing some final test runs before being put into the market.

A couple of Liva hatchbacks accompanied by an Etios sedan were spotted waiting at a toll gate in the Chennai-Bangalore Highway with their badges masked. It is clear that these are the same cars that have been spotted over the past few months by the automotive media. Indians are traditionally known for their strong penchant towards the Japanese automotive brands, especially Toyota. This coupled with an already strong demand for the Etios sedan could well make the Liva a smash hit in India.

If you can get over the conservative looks of the car and some glaring cost-cutting efforts in the interiors, you just can’t go wrong with the Liva. Just like every other Toyota, its bulletproof reliability, powerful yet fuel-efficient engine and good fit and finish will make the Liva an enticing buy. And just like the sedan, the Liva will be terrific value for money too!

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