Force Motors SUV seen testing again

Now, this is turning out to be a regular affair. Once again, the new SUV from Force Motors was spotted testing near Pune. The huge size of the vehicle makes sure that you don’t miss it even when going in the opposite direction. Even after so many spy-shots doing rounds in the internet over the past year or so, there seems to be absolutely no firm date from Force Motors about the launch of this SUV. Given the rigorous testing that it is undergoing, we can only assume that the model, when launched, would be worth the long wait.

All we know about the vehicle is that it is closely based on the Chinese Guangdong Foday Explorer III, not quite a benchmark in the first place. Just google the name and what you see will be a big, outdated looking Chinese SUV. The interiors, though not bad, are not too impressive either. But, it is definitely much better than any of the current models from Force Motors. Another much-publicized fact is that the power-train and drive-train of this new SUV is from Mercedes-Benz and it’s handling was tuned with the help of experts from Lotus.

There are widespread rumors going around that the company is planning to position this SUV as a premium lifestyle vehicle. But, will the exteriors and interiors be given some significant tweaks to make it look like one? Will the much-touted power-train, drive-train and handling of this SUV be in line with what we expect from such stalwarts like Mercedes-Benz and Lotus? Only Force Motors can answer these questions by launching this SUV as soon as possible. Let the wait continue!

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