Tata Military Vehicle seen testing in Pune

We all know that Tata Motors makes an enviable line-up of vehicles starting from the little car Nano to the heavy duty truck Prima. Some of us also know that some of Tata’s vehicles are being heavily modified for military purposes and are sold to the Indian Army. What we didn’t know or atleast, I didn’t know till now, was that Tata is developing a full-blown and dedicated military vehicle on its own. That is why I was startled to see the Tata logo in this vehicle while it was passing in the opposite direction near Talegaon in Pune.

It is so obvious that this vehicle is intended for military usage and not for us civilians. The military green camouflage paint just makes sure that doubts, if any, about its target audience are put to rest. At first glance, the massive size of the vehicle strikes you immediately and commands your respect. In fact, the passenger compartment is set so high that small ladders are provided in the sides to climb onto them. Also attracting attention were the peculiar-looking muffler and the big, rugged tires.

With ‘Temp’ registration plates on it, it seems that the vehicle is being tested. All in all, it looked all set to serve the Indian Army by conquering the rocky mountains and the snowy peaks. As nothing more about this vehicle could be inferred, it would be nice if someone can throw some light on the proposed name, power-train and other details of this vehicle. Once again, the same question that had come up a hundred times before and went unanswered comes up again – Is there anything that Tata can’t do? Apparently, 'none' it seems.

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