2011 Top Selling Cars - USA

All right, the new year has just begun and memories of the year that was would still be fresh in the back of our minds. Before they start fading away, it is time to look at what clicked and what not in 2011. Though it has lost its charm as the world's biggest automotive market with China taking up that enviable position, the 'all is well as long as its big' market of United States of America is still the second largest in the world by volume and a big contributor to the profitability of auto manufacturers.

So, here are the top selling automobiles in USA for 2011. There are no surprises at the top with the Ford F-Series taking the crown as the largest selling vehicle for 30th year in a row. Now you know why we said all is well there as long as its big. The usual suspects of Chevrolet Silverado and Toyota Camry come second and third, the latter impressively holding its forte despite Toyota's troubles with the recalls and production disruptments caused by natural calamities in Japan and Thailand.

Nissan Altima and Ford Escape posted big gains and pushed the Honda Accord and Crosstour twins to sixth. Ford Fusion and Ram Pickup continue their impressive run climbing to seventh and eighth positions relegating the usual big-seller Toyota Corolla to ninth. With Ford's all-new Escape and Fusion coming in, things are looking mighty good for the blue oval brand. Chevrolet's success story with the Cruze across the world unfolded in USA too with the new Chevy entering the top ten with a bang.

2011 Top 10 in USA:
1. Ford F-Series - 584,917
2. Chevrolet Silverado - 415,130
3. Toyota Camry - 308,510
4. Nissan Altima - 268,981
5. Ford Escape - 254,293
6. Honda Accord/Crosstour - 253,599
7. Ford Fusion - 248,067
8. Ram Pickup - 244,763
9. Toyota Corolla/Matrix - 240,259
10. Chevrolet Cruze - 232,588

* Star Performer of 2011 - Ford Escape
* Expected Star Performer for 2012 - Chevrolet Cruze

Source for Figures: www.examiner.com

As we predicted last year, Hyundai Sonata continued to sell in big numbers and the model almost made it to the top ten with Hyundai still not able to make enough of Sonatas and Elantras. Honda's rather average redesign of the Civic and the production disruptions at Japan and Thailand ensured that our predictions of Accord and Civic overtaking Toyota's Camry and Corolla in sales went haywire. Also to be noted is Volkswagen's slow and silent climb with the new Jetta putting in an impressive show.

Ford Escape's massive climb from well outside the top ten to as high as fifth in the list makes it the stand-out performer in 2011. For 2012 though, we expect the hot-selling Chevrolet Cruze to make even more giant and rapid strides up the list. Wait for another year to find out if our predictions come true.

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