We wish you a very happy New Year

Let's dig into a little bit of history here. Anything On Wheels was started as a personal blog a couple of years ago with the sole intention of using it as a platform for expressing my personal views and opinions on what is happening in the automotive industry. Slowly and steadily, the blog has gathered steam and is growing day-by-day into a reliable source of interesting information related to anything on wheels.

2011 has been easily the best year yet with a lot of media friends identifying and recognizing the blog for the hard work that was done in the form of posts that included Spy Shots, New Launches, Test Drives, Milestones and what not. A lot of friends from and outside the industry sent me mails stating that Anything On Wheels has become a sort of Spy Shots specialist and they continuously come to the blog to get updates.

Above all, what makes me really happy is that, through this blog, I have gained a rather large chunk of readers (or, should I call them well-wishers?) who not only spend their valuable time reading my posts, but also take pains in sending mails giving their feedback and comments. Consenting to such kind-hearted souls, Anything On Wheels has now started posting on all important happenings in the industry.

On this note, I would like to wish all the readers and media friends a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2012. In this year, I will take all steps to streamline the posts and change the overall look and feel of this blog to something more formal and professional. You might have noted that a few steps in that direction has already started and I can assure you that they will continue to make the overall experience much better.

With the increasing viewership comes the ever-increasing responsibility to bring out the best. And with that I admit that I am no more the sole soul involved in this blog. Arun Varadarajan and Abishek have become a sort of camera crew for the blog participating actively in most of the photo-shoots that we undertake for our posts. Once again, in a true automobile enthusiast fashion, have a fantastic and free-revving New Year!

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