Is Nissan not done with the Sunny variants yet?

We all know that Nissan launched the Sunny sedan in India a few months back. Though the model is based on the same V Platform as the Micra hatchback, Nissan has done well to create a new identity for the Sunny completely distinguishing it from its hatch sibling. Merely months after the launch, Nissan surprised us all by launching the diesel variants. We had driven and posted a comprehensive review of the Sunny Diesel here.

Just when we thought that the Sunny is all settled for now, we receive images of this vehicle being tested in the outskirts of Chennai with its badges and logo masked. On close observation, it dawns on us that nothing is new in this Sunny variant except for the red color with a pinkish tint in it. The absence of Pure Drive badging and the alloy wheels makes it clear that this is the top-end petrol variant being tested.

So, what are you cooking up Nissan? We are all ears.

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