2017 Tokyo - Honda's Sports EV Concept is the tiny sport coupe we have been craving for

Small, cheerful cars are what Honda was known for at one point in time and, somewhere along the way, they started treading a different path with their models getting bigger and busier. At the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this year, Honda showed signs of returning to its original ways with the Urban EV Concept. Small, retro-cute and a full-electric powertrain - it had all the right ingredients for success and, needless to say, the concept was appreciated and received a lot of love. 

At the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda followed it up with a smaller and sportier sibling, the Sports EV Concept. 

The cute little coupe is similar in design and conception to the hatch but a whole lot cooler, thanks to its chic lines and sportier stance. Up front, a black panel takes the place of a traditional grille with a blue-backlit Honda logo taking pride of place at the center. The same theme is followed at the rear as well while the lights themselves are similar in shape and size to the ones used in the Urban EV Concept. The windshield and windows wrap around the car while the sloping roof and rear windshield appear a single unit.

Like the Urban EV Concept, the Sports EV Concept gets the 'Honda Automated Network Assistant' - a personal concierge that can offer recommendations to the driver and the 'Honda Power Manager' - a system that store and release power from its own battery back to the home and grid. The car-maker has not divulged more details on the electric powertrain, so the power and range discussions shall be had later. 

The fact the Urban EV Concept would span a production model as early as 2019 had us all grinning with glee. Unfortunately, Honda has been tight-lipped on the prospects of the same happening to the Sports EV Concept so far. 

That said, an affordable sport coupe is conspicuous by its absence in Honda's global lineup and this tiny electric coupe, at the right price, would be a perfect fit as it is. Are you listening, Honda?

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