2017 Tokyo - Subaru Viziv Performance Concept kindles the next-gen WRX dream

The ongoing Tokyo Motor Show played host to the latest in the series of Viziv (Vision for Innovation) concepts from Subaru. Unlike the crossovers showcased on previous occasions, the Viziv Performance Concept takes the shape of a hardcore performance sedan this time. Are we then looking at the next-generation WRX? Yes, possibly.

Subaru's concepts have never failed to attract attention and the Viziv Performance Concept is no different. With extra large air dams in the front bumper, a muscular hood scoop, massively-flared wheel arches housing ultra-low profile tires and quad tailpipes with two each on either side of the rear diffuser, the Viziv Concept screams performance from all angles. For their part, the slender 'Hawk-Eye' LED headlights and C-shaped taillights with a horizontal strip connecting them add to the visual drama. Carbon-fiber have been used extensively in the bumpers, fenders and the roof. 

While Subaru has not revealed the numbers yet, what we know is that the Viziv Performance Concept gets the brand's claim-to-fame 'Symmetrical AWD' system powered by a horizontally-opposed 'boxer' engine perfected over five decades of usage in multiple high-stress applications, notably the Impreza.

Advanced Driver Assist functions incorporating the next-generation EyeSight system with other devices, enhanced radar and highly accurate GPS have been installed to promote Enjoyment and Peace of Mind, in Subaru's terms.

Known for its rich racing heritage and supreme dynamic abilities, the WRX has earned a cult following across the world. Subaru should keep those fans and loyalists in mind when they work on the production version. So, no, a modest-looking production model succeeding a gorgeous concept like the last WRX won't do! 

With the Mitsubishi Evo, WRX's arch-rival, gone for good, Subaru has the market all to itself, if that's going to be helpful.

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