2017 Tokyo - Kai Concept is a sign of glorious things in store from Mazda

The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show is underway and its perfectly normal to expect the usual biggies from Japan - Toyota, Honda and Nissan to rock. Instead, it is Mazda, the relatively-small independent Japanese car-maker, that's rocking the show big time with a couple of beautifully-designed concepts. 

First up is the Kai Concept that's inspired by the current Mazda 3 and previews the next-generation model. This compact 5-door hatchback also heralds the evolution of the Japanese brand's popular 'KODO - Soul of Motion' design language. Sleek, suave and sexy all at once, the Kai Concept is proof regular hatchbacks don't have to look mundane and boring. 

The aggression with which the familiar U-shaped grille cuts into the slender headlights, the assertive way in which the long muscular hood extends over the edge of the nose, the reflection projected onto the sides by the minimalist surfacing, the chunky C-pillars that complements the forward-raked windows and that gorgeous rear end with the split taillights together creates an impression that's tough to overlook. Yes, when it comes out in the form of next-generation Mazda 3, the styling would obviously be toned down but, knowing Mazda, there are chances many of Kai Concept's design elements would trickle through. 

Unlike many concepts that are just external design studies, the Kai Concept's interiors have got enough time and attention as well. The three-dimensional dashboard design that does away with the usual 'center console with a large touchscreen' concept and the door panels that syncs with the deep draw surfacing of the doors outside are visual treats that sadly won't probably make it to production.

Underpinned by Mazda's next-generation SkyActiv Vehicle Architecture - a light-weight, human-centered architecture aimed at enchancing driving dynamics and powered by Mazda's patented SkyActiv-X technology - a gasoline engine with spark-controlled compression ignition incorporated for that typical diesel-like fuel efficiency, torque and initial acceleration, the Kai Concept literally hints at what's in store for the future. And the future looks promising!  

All said and done, if the next-generation Mazda 3 looks as good as the Kai Concept and the SkyActiv-X engine is as good as it is claimed to be, expect Mazda's sales to skyrocket. Its a pity India is not on Mazda's agenda now or in the near future!

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