BharatBenz Trucks seen testing in NH4 yet again

“When it rains, it pours” goes a saying. And that is exactly what is happening with BharatBenz, the Indian arm of global commercial-vehicle major Daimler Trucks. Every other month, a group of trucks from this company are seen testing on Indian roads. If you remember correctly, there were already a couple of posts on these trucks over the past two months in which a pair of heavy commercial vehicles and a light commercial vehicle that was remarkably similar to Mitsubishi Fuso were spotted testing separately.

Now, as if to confirm their identity as BharatBenz as was being speculated in the previous two posts, all of them were seen testing in close succession last week in the busy Chennai-Bangalore Highway (NH4). One of the trucks even had the much-worshiped three-pointed star logo at the front as the camouflage has started to tear off. But, as we all know, it would mostly be replaced by the BharatBenz logo at launch. No other details of these trucks like the power-train and transmission options, the payload capacity or the prices have been released by the company yet.

But, one thing is very clear for all of us to sit and take note. This is one company that is planning for a serious assault in the Indian market, going by the extensive testing that the vehicles are being subjected to. If the alarm bells have not started ringing yet at Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland, it’s better it starts at least now. If priced right, the combination of good looks, tough build, supreme reliability and the brand value of Benz will surely make life tough for the Indian duo who are currently dominating the market.

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