New Swift all set for a swift debut

There is just one week to go for what would perhaps be the most important and the most awaited automotive event of the year 2011. If you don’t think so, you are probably getting it wrong. History speaks for itself, isn’t it? Then, I am talking about a car that rewrote record books and scripted history in India in a relatively short span of time. If you are still wondering which model I am referring to here, then read on.

* Its launch in 2005 marked the beginning of a new era for Maruti-Suzuki and changed the image of the company forever. Until then, Maruti-Suzuki, though extremely popular, were known only for reliable but outdated models.

* Launched in India soon after its international debut, it came as a breath of fresh air from Maruti-Suzuki and found favor with both critics and public alike.

* It not only won almost all the major automotive awards and titles in India that year, but also kept the cash registers ringing for the company. Within a year of its launch, waiting list for the model extended for months together.

* Even five years after its launch, even when the entire world knew that its replacement is about to come, the popularity and sales never came down. As a matter of fact, its sales were at an all-time high in the last few months it was produced.

* Discounts were unheard of throughout its lifecycle, especially in the diesel variants which were much in demand not only in brand-new segment but also in the pre-owned segment.

As most of you would have guessed, the car in question is the ‘Swift’ and the event that is eagerly awaited is the scheduled launch of the all-new second generation Swift on Aug-17-2011. With a record 40,000 plus pre-launch bookings, the company is already looking at a three month waiting list for the new Swift. The demand and waiting time is only going to explode post-launch after the prices are out.

For all its credentials, the new Swift is just going to start its journey where its predecessor left – right at the top of the premium compact car segment. Companies like Hyundai, Ford, Tata, Toyota, Volkswagen, Nissan, Honda, Fiat and Skoda would be burning the midnight oil to try and find an answer for the seemingly invincible Swift. The fact that Maruti-Suzuki has the widest reach and is by far the most favorite automaker in India only helps.


  1. Can anyone explain what is Automotive Research Association of India testing standard? When there is always a drop of 3-4 kmpl for almost all Cars real life milega efrom their ARAI standard test why not revise the test to more realistic conditions so that whats promised is close to what users get in real world?

  2. Rahul - You have a valid claim there. ARAI Testing conditions is no patch to the real-world conditions that we encounter. There aren't potholes, there isn't stop-start traffic and they really don't step on the gas during testing. So, those ideal figures can never be achieved in our day-to-day driving.