New LHD Tata LCV seen testing in Pune

Of late, Tata Motors is on a roll with many recent launches and quite a lot of new models waiting to hit the market. It’s not surprising though when you consider the fact that the product portfolio of Tata Motors has everything from the Nano mini car to the Prima heavy-duty truck. Though Tata is extremely strong in India, the same cannot be said about them in the international markets and that is where the next phase of growth lies for Tata. The company knows this only too well and models like Xenon, Aria and Prima were all designed to compete globally.

Now, with these shots captured in Pune, it is clear that the next target of Tata is the LCV segment. This particular test vehicle had a huge ‘Tata’ branding at the rear and a partly camouflaged front end. The rear end has nothing remarkable about it but the front end is where all the efforts have gone into. The cabin is pretty modern with upward sloping windows and there is a new triangular frame for the lights. Though the test vehicle had separate round headlights and indicators, we can safely assume the final product to come with a triangular lens cover thus further improving the looks.

Having said that, the front end of the test vehicle was hardly complete with the panel beneath the windshield and the bumper protector missing exposing the internal mechanicals to the elements. The ‘Left Hand Drive’ configuration makes it pretty clear that Tata is planning to export this LCV to other markets as well. Also apparent are the improvements in overall fit and finish and paint quality of the vehicle. The powertrain, the transmission options, the tonnage, the price range and pretty much everything else of this vehicle are yet unknown.

Whatever it may be, it’s once again proved beyond doubt that Tata is not a company to rest on its laurels but is rather a company waiting to grow its wings further. Good luck Tata!

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