Ford celebrates 35th Year and 15 Million units of Fiesta

In the ever changing global automotive scenario, there are very few models that stand the test of time earning plaudits critically and financially. And when they do so, it is obviously a reason to cheer and celebrate for the corresponding stakeholders. Very recently, we witnessed Honda celebrating a similar occasion with its Civic and now, we have this. Ford, the 108 year old American company recently celebrated two historic milestones of its sub-compact car Fiesta, whose global production has touched its 35th year and 15 million units.

When the Mk I Fiesta was launched in 1976, even the top honchos at Ford would not have envisaged the phenomenal success story that this new small car was going to script. Over the next 35 years, the Fiesta has gone through six generation changes before reaching the landmark figure of 15 million units in the last week of July 2011. Remarkably, the Fiesta has not grown in size over the years and has stayed true to its origins as a sub-compact car primarily destined for Europe. But, true to the famous ‘One Ford’ policy, the Fiesta is now spreading its reach in other continents as well.

The latest Mk VI Fiesta that was launched in 2008 has boosted the popularity of the brand multifold and has gone on to become Europe’s best-selling car in 2009, 2010 and possibly 2011 too. It may look familiar to us Indians as Ford recently launched the sedan variant of the Mk VI Fiesta amidst huge expectations in India. The Indian connection with the ‘Fiesta’ started way back in 1999 with the launch of Ikon which was based on Mk IV Fiesta. After that, all the other successful models of Ford India including the Fiesta Classic and Figo were all based on various generations of the European Fiesta.

Roelant de Waard, VP, Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford of Europe had this to say on the occasion to celebrate Fiesta’s twin milestones, “The Fiesta is a special car that has a special place in the hearts of European customers and car lovers around the world. Times and technologies have changed, but as long as the Fiesta continues to deliver the style, economy and performance elements that have been present from the very beginning, it will remain an enduring success”. To mark the occasion, Ford also launched a series of subtle revisions in the existing Fiesta.

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